Career Planning

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Selecting a college and career focus can be a daunting task. Here at Iraan High School, we focus on learning more about the student first and then taking that information to determine the career areas that best match those results. In this process, students will take at least one trait identifying assessment. The results from this assessment will help determine what type of person the student is, what they value in work, and their interests. After the student has completed this assessment, the student will spend time reviewing their results. This process can be eye-opening for some students. Once a review of these assessments is complete, the student will use that information to research different career areas. Many of the assessments offer resources to the student that will showcase the top career areas that match the student's traits and interests. Others allow the student to select a career, and then the website will show how much of a match the student will be with that career choice. 

Frank Parson's was the pioneer in using trait-factor approaches in career counseling in the early 1900's (Psychology, n.d.). Essentially, the process was to learn more about the person, analyze the person and determine a variety of skills, interests, and values, and then match them with a career option that had the most similarities to the person. While this process does not guarantee a perfect match, and student interests change over time, we highly encourage students to complete an analysis at least once a year and investigate more than one assessment type. 

The more you know, the better prepared you will be for your future!

Career Assessment Options


This assessment helps you understand the your underlying work needs and motivations, and ultimately allows you to decide what is important in a career (MyPlan, n.d.). Careers can then be reviewed based on your pre-determined criteria for your own values.

Personality Assessment -

This assessment evaluates your personality and provides a four-letter code that resembles various components of your personality (HumanMetrics, n.d.). Careers can then be matched with you based on your code.


Iraan High School has a special partnership with the Career Cruising organization to provide interest and assessment services to our students. This information can be gathered and used year after year to build a portfolio surrounding career opportunities surrounding a student's interest. The login information will be provided to you during your class meetings at the beginning of each year, but they can be obtained at any time by contacting your academic counselor. There are two options for this assessment. 

Meet with your Academic Counselor to Discuss Your Results!!

Career Research -

If you want to find out more about the career that you matched with, provides a wealth of information about many different careers. Each career is introduced with a short video from a person that is currently working in that career field, a complete job description, and information on how to get started is available to review. This is a great place to learn more about careers that interest you.

Other Career Items to Consider

How to Build a Resume

A resume is used when applying for a job, college, or even scholarships. The information held within the resume is all about you. Below are some sites to help you identify areas to include within your resume. As for resume templates, Google Docs and Microsoft Word have some great templates that you can start using today!

Interview Tips & Tricks

Most jobs require people to interview for a position. This means the employer will set time aside to meet with you and ask you questions. The purpose of this meeting is for the employer to develop a sense of who you are and how you can benefit the company. Going into your first interview may be scary, but the links below will help you rock the interview and land that job!

Other Areas to Consider

Whether you are applying for a job or for college, your online presence is important. Social Media is a tool that is used to communicate, and is often a key communication tool for high school students. What you post, what you say, and pictures you are in are all part of your social media profile. According to, 70 percent of employers are scrolling through your social media accounts even before you are called in for an interview (Career Builder, 2017). This means that you prospective employer is gathering information about you based on your online presence. The link below provides information on what not to do with your social media accounts, and ways you can positively use social media to support your application.

The Academic Counselor is here to assist you through this process of transitioning from high school into the post-secondary world. Set-up your meeting today to begin moving forward on this pathway!


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