College Planning

The college application process can be intimidating, but Iraan High School is dedicated to helping students and parents the process. The step-by-step guide below provides a clear pathway for students to move their vision of college into reality. While the application process starts with the decision being made to apply to colleges, students need to have an understanding on what they are interested in and how that impacts college selection. If you or your student has not determined what they would like to study in college, please refer to the Career Planning Section for more information.

The college application process below can be followed by students entering a 4-year college/university, a 2-year college, or a technical/trade school. The application process is very similar, and may have a few slight differences. For example, students attending an out of state school or program may need to submit an application through a separate website. is used by most schools located in Texas. Other differences may exist, and you are encouraged to meet with your academic counselor to help narrow down your specific process.

Infographic created by N. Parker, and physical copies are available in the office.

Other Areas to Consider

NCAA Eligibility - If you are interested in playing sports in college, meet with your academic counselor as soon as possible. The NCAA has special requirements and request special documentation to ensure that you meet their eligible requirements. You academic counselor can help guide you through this process. Schedule your meeting today!

Paying for College

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - Need help with paying for college? Submit your application today! Federal Student Aid is part of the US Department of Education, and is one of the largest financial aid providers for students in the United States (Federal Student Aid, n.d.). The FAFSA helps match students to grants, loans, and work-study opportunities for students pursuing college and career education (Federal Student Aid, n.d.). In addition, some scholarships use the Student Aid Report (provided after your FAFSA has been processed) to determine your eligibility for scholarships. Visit with your academic counselor to find out more information.

FastWeb - Scholarships are another way to help pay for college. allows students to search for scholarships. Sign-up today to learn more about these scholarship opportunities.

Local Scholarship Notifications - sign-up to receive Remind notifications from the academic counselor using the information posted on the shelves by the office. The counselor sends out messages with information about new scholarship opportunities available, as well as reminders for upcoming deadlines. It is important to stay informed throughout your senior year. Sign-up today!


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